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Rent shops on daily bases.

—  green cubes  —

#exposeyourself. Create you own pop-up shop or food spot.


First base

Food / store space + parking spot
Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 45 - Ghent 9000 -


First Base is our very first Green Cube. It's store space that fits the needs of young designers in fashion, design or food who are dreaming of starting their own business. Pop up for a day or call it yours for as long as you want. We provide the space, the basic materials, the services and paperwork. Show the city what you're made of!



€50 (free for members only, once a year) — one weekday

€300 (€250 members only) — one week

€990 (€790 members only) — one month

Prices include parking spot, energy fees, insurances and licenses.


Sur mesure

Onderstraat 12 - Ghent 9000


Take in the wealthy atmosphere of Sur Mesure for a moment. It's a newly renovated estate in the heart of Ghent you'll never want to leave. This Green Cube suits any designer or entrepreneur with a high end product. Present it, lift it up, sell it.



€100 (€90 members only)— one weekday 

€300 (€270 members only) — Fri+Sat

Ask a pricing offer for the professional food atelier.