we offer
carefree space
to creators.

“cause we believe
you will make it

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never fail alone

Making or marketing a new product takes a lot of time, money and energy. It's in fact a risky business. But no stress! We found the key to success: It's finding the right space to co-create and co-sell in. That’s why we provide carefree locations for you and your future co-designers.

get some space

succeed step by step

Which type of space do you need? It depends on the phase your product is in. Is it an idea? Do you have a prototype? Do you need a place to test it or start selling it to customers? Feel free to explore our Cubes, but together we will figure out which type of space you need.

happy together

because you don't have to worry

Our locations are designed to be enjoyable and empowering. Not only will you rent an inspiring place: your host takes care of the practical and technical stuff as much as possible. Meet the host of your dreams, connect to the right co-creators and amaze us with your designs!


we practice what we preach

Not only are you renting carefree space. We take care of you! Talent Grid is a grid of creative people and fans that support the growth of your concept. Together we'll create the foundation of your marketing tool kit and think about potential co-operations with other creatives.

Read more  about the team, or  apply  to work with us.

Read more about the team, or apply to work with us.

igniting city-Life


We thank all members of the creative class because they are able to detect and elevate all the potential in the world. We want our cities to be nurturing environments so creative people can grow. Eventually the whole world can benefit from their designs. Gotta love them!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of private investors we can keep on building cubes in the city. They entrust their capital to us so we can harvest and share the added value.


for professionals

Thanks to the faith of real estate developers we can also provide 'white cubes'. They are looking for an innovative way to visualize the future of their real estate projects. It's a good idea to ask our talents to paint on their blank canvasses. They put places on the mental map of new investors.



Everybody wins. So we can safely say: #letsdothis

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